So I have a list with a running WF. I have two type of users, first has edit/read permissions others must have approve and add their comments only.

I want the second type to be able to approve but not see the full content of the list /Lists/listname/allitems.aspx

How to make /Lists/listname/allitems.aspx only visible to the first type of users?


Alas Approve is extra rights on top op Write rights.

You could work around it by creating an extra list where you create stubs for all items that need to be approved.
Once Approved the item in the original list is approved using a Workflow with elevated permissions.

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Not a recommended approach, but you can use item level permissions and remove rights of user type 2 on all the items which you want to hide from them. To be more efficient, break permissions for the items where they should see!

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