I have created a list workflow in Visual Studio which writes XML to a file on a network drive.

I have confirmed that I can access the drive from the SharePoint host. I can also manually create/modify/delete the file with my permissions.

When I try to execute the workflow from SharePoint (executed manually), I receive an exception stating that access is denied.

As I understand it, the SharePoint workflow should execute with the same credentials as the logged in user.

Is my understanding of the credentials used to execute the workflow correct? Do I need to have any special permissions set up for SharePoint itself?



The assumptions above were correct. The issue actually turned out to be network related (the workflow needed the FQDN of the target host for the export).

In my case, I was able to write the file to the network share (once the address for the remote host was corrected) without using SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivledges or any other special changes.

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