I have a document library in my SharePoint site. It has structure like this :

  • Year Folder
    • Month Folder
      • Document Set
        • Document

I have applied my filter condition and created a new view for that. Now the problem is even if the folders are empty in that view they are visible. I want to remove these empty folders. How to solve this issue, since its not user friendly.

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In the view filter properties, you can select property Folder Child Count and use that as

Folder Child Count > 0
  • I have already tried that.It doesn't work. It counts the folder child for "all documents" view of library, not my view.
    – nayakasu
    Jan 3, 2015 at 19:28

In the view filter properties, select property Item Child Count (which means the number of items inside the folder) is greater than 0.

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