We are facing an error while exporting a site:

The object of type Web and URL that was configured as part of the Export Settings does not exist.

Verified the below options:

  • Ran the Powershell command.
  • Ran the stsadm command.
  • Tried manually by using Central administration.
  • Checked for orphan lists in the site.

Have you tried Export-SPWeb and Import-SPWeb?

We were trying to export and import a list with stsadm which failed, but Export/Import SPWeb worked fine.

This worked for a list export/import:

Export-SPWeb "https://sharepoint.portal.com/test" –ItemUrl "Lists/ApprovalTasks" –Path "C:\QuoteApprovalTasks.cmp" Import-SPWeb "https://sharepoint.portal.com/test" –Path "C:\ApprovalTasks.cmp"

-ItemUrl might have to be some different parameter, check TechNet for Export and Import-SPWeb

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