I have Medium Size farm with 2 App Server 3 wfe 3 workflow and 1 sql server.

2 app server host central admin, 3 wfe host 5 web applications. I recently encountered error and correlation ID was generated at given time related to Site template not being able to get saved. I went through ULS logs in all 3 WFE but couldn't find Correlation ids.

Am i looking at wrong place or something else is going wrong. Can anyone advise where would the error be listed if one of the site collection encounters error.

Thank You

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Tiago Give the correct information, I want to add couple of things.

  • sometime you run the Above Powershell(merge-Splog) but does not return any result. You need to add Start time & End time Parameter(you can timing in the error screen)

    Merge-SPLogFile -Path "C:\Logs\FarmMergedLog.log" -Correlation "5ca5269c-8de5-4091-3f1b-f179af4d5121" -Overwrite -StartTime "06/09/2008 16:00" - EndTime "06/09/2008 16:15"

  • If error within WebPart(Custom), it will not report in the logs unless you have write some sort of loggin in it.



I was about to give a very simplistic answer when I bumped into this post.

Apparently you can use the Merge-SPLogFile cmdlet to return all the log data for a given correlation id, without knowing the frontend server.

Merge-SPLogFile -Path ".\error.log" -Correlation "5ca5269c-8de5-4091-3f1b-f179af4d5121"

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