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Change 'Created' column/field value

Yes, it should be possible. See this article as reference, and sample code here. In that sample a custom field was developed to achieve the same goal, but you can easily translate that into a ribbon ...
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Visual webpart cannot be added to anonymous website

I found it here: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/de-de/3c6f572b-fc0a-4be2-81c5-28d1220edcab/adding-a-custom-webpart-to-webpart-page-not-a-safe-control-issue?forum=sharepointdevelopment I had ...
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register assembly in application page

You need to deploy the assembly to GAC and use the fully qualified Name in assembly tag as: <%@ Register Tagprefix="MyControls" Namespace="KM.MyControls.MyControl" Assembly="KM....
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