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Stores arbitrary key and value pairs that contain custom property settings.

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How to restrict access to property bag values in sharepoint online before loading

I need to restrict specific users to read/update property bag values in SharePoint Online web part. Only few users should have get/set permissions. Any references or leads would be appreciated.
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JSOM Get List Item Property Bag

How to access List Item's Property Bag? I am trying to replace all properties from one item to another. var oldItems = oldList.getItems(query); var newItems = newList.getItems(query); context.load(...
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Removing SPWeb properties from its property bag with powershell

I need to remove properties from multiple places with powershell script. I tried many examples from net, with null assigning and using remove on Properties and AllProperties, or using method ...
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Adding property bag value with Rest

I can retrieve existing properties using REST (web/AllProperties) from site collections. As the title states, I would like to add custom property bag values to the property bag on a site collection, ...
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Where to save farm-wide settings and configuration data?

I guess we've all been there. We want to store some settings for our WebPart / List / Custom App / Timer Job. Where do we save it? Multiple options exist: The various existing property bags (SPList, ...
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