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Provides the methods for an object to automatically serialize its state, persist that state in a permanent store, retrieve it at a later time, and deserialize it back into an in-memory object.

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How can I view/alter data stored using the SPPersistedDataObject class manually?

I am currently storing data using an SPPersistedObject. I am transitioning from previously using a SharePoint List. However, one benefit of the list was being able to go in and change the data ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Effect of using multiple SPSite and SPWeb objects

I want to know that what effects will cause if I open SPSite and SPWeb objects more than once in a code file (c#) I have a implementation like below, can anyone tell me that what effects will it ...
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Where to save farm-wide settings and configuration data?

I guess we've all been there. We want to store some settings for our WebPart / List / Custom App / Timer Job. Where do we save it? Multiple options exist: The various existing property bags (SPList, ...
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