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Questions tagged [ie6]

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) is the sixth major revision of Internet Explorer, a web browser developed by Microsoft for Windows operating systems.

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3 answers

IE6 user browse Sharepoint 2013 get the same Javascript error on everypage

I understand IE6 is no longer support in SP2010 and SP2013. My only requirement is hiding the Javascript error and let the user able to read the Sharepoint page only. In my test environment, IE6 user ...
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2 answers

SharePoint 2010 and IE 6

According to the documentation SharePoint 2010 does not support IE 6. What we are wondering is does it simply not work at all or are there just a few limitations? We have a situation where the IE 6 ...
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1 vote
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Deactivate javascript-popup in IE6

i am totally new to Sharepoint 2010 and want to brand a Publishing-Site. Now, when i open the site in IE 6, a javascript alert pops up which says that one should upgrade to a newer browser. Can i ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What SP2010 features don't work for a Visitor using IE6

OK - So there's a lot of talk about IE6 not being supported, that IE6 wasn't tested, and IE6 performs really badly for a Web Publisher / Contributor - but what features don't work for the end-user? ...
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Is there a way to fix the blinking of a dropdown menu over a .pdf loaded in a <div>?

I have an object inside a <div> that is displaying a pdf. This is done within a Content Editor Web Part. My drop down navigation menu "blinks" whenever it is over the <div>. The drop ...
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5 answers

How to make SharePoint 2010 Page compatible in IE 6.0?

How to make SharePoint 2010 Page compatible in IE 6.0? Has anyone worked on similar requirement??? Basically what all things to take care? e.g. Ribbon control If any one has any reference links/...
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