I have designed an Infopath form, picture button is placed inside the repeat table. When the button is clicked, I want to remove the current row of the repeat table, so have added the code mentioned below


it works if I test the Infopath form locally however unable to deploy it into the SharePoint 2010.

it throws the below error: Sandbox solutions are not enabled on the SharePoint server form.
To continue, contact a site collection or farm administrator to publish the form template as an administrator-approved form template.

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User form templates that contain code can be published by site collection administrations to form libraries as sandboxed solutions. For more information about sandboxed solutions, see Sandboxed solutions overview (SharePoint Server 2010). Form templates that require full trust or use a data connection that is managed by an administrator must be deployed by an administrator. For more information about administrator-approved form templates, see Manage administrator-approved form templates (SharePoint Server 2010).

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