I've configured a 'List' and one of its types is 'Hyperlink or Picture'.

As I'm populating this List type I'm required to enter the 'Web address' & 'description' :

enter image description here

When I access this List via its rest web service the 'web address' & 'description' is within the same image tag separated by a comma :

<d:Image1>http://myurl//myimage.jpg, description 1</d:Image1>

How can the image url be just returned and not the description, is it possible to separate these two values into separate xml fields ?


Both are useful, depending on what you need to do with the returned data. With all the web services, I usually use jQuery and would just do a .split(", ")[0] or .split(", ")[1] to get the appropriate peice of the data.

If you are processing via xslt, then you do a substring-before(@thefeld, ", ")or substring-after(@thefeld, ", ").

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