I have a list definition that will have a title, description, and a few picture fields. Each entry in the list will represent a project. I do not like to use the SharePoint hyperlink/picture field type so instead I'm using the image upload from Bernado Nguyen-Hoan's Blog. I've got an instance of the list, along with the list definition, that deploys with my visual studio solution. However, when I go to the list to create a new item and I upload the image to my column it throws an error because no library has been specified where I can store the images. The field type is supposed to default to the "Images" library but when I go to edit the column I see that the "Upload Images To" field is blank. How can I set this in my list definition schema.xml/elements.xml files?

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I found two great blog articles on how to accomplish this (though don't do everything in the articles because he tries a lot of things before finding a solution).

Article 1

Article 2

Inside of the Field tag in your Elements.xml and Schema.xml files you will have to add the following xml:


The only thing that will change when you customize it for yourself is the name of the property ("UploadImagesTo"), the p4:type ("q1:string"), and the value ("Images").

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