I have two lists that i would like to use to create a workflow that sends email whenever an item is created.

Here the details:

List Officers has two columns, City and Officer and there clearly are lots of officers per city. in the second list Enquiry there is one field City (mandatory), so basically i want that when a new item is created in Enquiry the workflow lookup the city in the Officers list and send an email to all the officers in that city.

Any idea on how i could achieve this? i don't have access to the sharepoint server and i don't know how to work with visual studio, c# etc. just plain SPD 2007


In the past, I would have my list of Officers have one city listed and the Officer column be set to either a person/group field with multiple selections possible or a plain text multiline field where I would put in email addresses delimited by semicolons. Then in my workflow, I'd look up that particular field store it in a variable and use it in my email.

SPD doesn't give you options to store collections of data like that.

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