I use a Office 365 developer site to get acquainted with SharePoint 2013.

I try to create a new user profile (Admin\SharePoint\User profiles\New profile). I can see all the fields for the new profile enter image description here

But when I press the 'Save and Close' button, the page reloads, but nothing happens (I can see the same filled in fields).

It could be because some of the fields were not filled in (usually in such a case they are highlighted by red, but I can not see even any changes on the page). I tried to filled in all the fields (not only the field which are marked with *), but the result was the same. I couldn't see any error message and the new user profile was not created. I tried Internet Explorer and Chrome both with no result.

Maybe such a behaviour is by design (I am not sure if I could create a new user profile on Office 365 developer site), but in such a case I think I could see at least the error message.

Also I have an issue with SP2013 Workflow on this site. Maybe this issues are related.

Does anybody have some ideas about the issue?

Every suggestions are very appreciated.

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This is a comment but I post it as answer for the sake of formatting.

There is a webpage:

with a couple of "user profile" bugs marked as "Resolved".

I believe you can push your ticket onto it through posting in Office365 forum if you do not have access to opening Premium Support tickets with Microsoft

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