Can someone help me please? I need to move 18 SharePoint servers (mainly 2007) and about 50 databases from one datacenter to another. It is like for like from VM to VM. I know this should be relatively simple but I don’t know what to do or even where to start. Can anyone give me any guidelines of things I need to do? Questions I should answer before I start…etc

Thanks in advance!



This should get you started : http://technet.microsoft.com/library/cc303422%28office.12%29.aspx

Have a look a this specific section : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262370%28v=office.12%29 (Move and migrate servers and server farms (Office SharePoint Server 2007))

Moving procedures

The following articles provide information to help you move an Office SharePoint Server 2007 farm, databases, and other components:

  • Move to another farm (Office SharePoint Server 2007)
  • Move an SSP to another farm (Office SharePoint Server 2007)
  • Move services to a new server or farm (Office SharePoint Server 2007)
  • Move all databases (Office SharePoint Server 2007)
  • Move content databases (Office SharePoint Server 2007)

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