I'm using SP Foundation 2010, with severly limited development permissions. I'm operating as a site Owner in a user area, so access to Designer, Visual Studio, etc. is limited and I'm looking for solutions that can be accomplished with those constraints in mind.

We have a document library of about 2000 documents used by our help desk. Our SharePoint database contains the field TITLE which is the plain-english description (e.g., Calulate Deposit Amount and the field NAME which is the filename (e.g. Calculate_Deposit_Amount_1204LB_.html).

I want to DISPLAY TITLE but as a clickable link to NAME. If I were coding html, I'd use <a href="NAME_FIELD_CONTENTS">TITLE_FIELD_CONTENTS</a></BR>.

Any suggestions for doing that in SP? can that be accomplished with lookup fields/metadata filtering? or do I need to create a new site/page to house the data?

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As far as I know there are 3 solutions..

Adding that value as a SPFieldURLValue

SPFieldUrlValue value = new SPFieldUrlValue();
value.Description = "Display Value";
value.Url = "Your URL";
listItem["FieldName"] = value;

In this case, since the type of the "Title" field is text the value shown will be as..

"Your URL, Display Value"

Changing the "Title" field type to URL


Changing the "Title" field type to Note and enable Rich Text

Creating an Enhanced Rich Text Field

  • Else just hide the Title Field and create a new field of type URL(Hyperlink)


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