I have a requirement where i would like to send a scheduled email (one or twice a week) notificaton of all files or pages that have been changed in one email. I don't want to alert then each time there is a change. Any ideas how this could be achieved using Power Automate

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This seems reasonably straightforward. You could set up a scheduled flow in Power Automate and then call the [Get Items] SharePoint action. Using the ODATA filter within this action, you could narrow down the items that you want by examining the Modified field. There are a whole bunch of different ways to create the date boundaries you are looking for i.e. utcNow() and utcNow() mins 7 days.

Once you have your list of items, you can then iterate through them and amend the details that you want to a string variable. I would construct a HTML table in the process of doing this, as this can then easily be added to the email that you want to sent.

The only real issue I see is if you want to loot=k at multiple different data sources, or complex folder structures.



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