Help !!

I have a Status "dropdown selection" Column with the following options

  1. Pending Approval
  2. Approved
  3. In Dispute
  4. Re-Assign
  5. New Copy
  6. Expired

I then have another column "Expired" (Calculated column =[Sent]+28) returning the date 28 days after another column "sent" (Date and Time column format)

What I need help with is : if the date in "Expired" (calculated column) is reached then I want the "Status" (dropdown column) to change to Expired on the "Expired" calculated date

Can anyone help please

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To accomplish this, you can utilize a SharePoint Designer workflow:

  • Connect to your site using SharePoint Designer.
  • Create a new workflow and configure it to trigger on item creation and update.
  • Add a "Pause until Date" action and specify the "Expired" calculated date as the wait period.
  • Include a "Set Field in Current Item" action to update the "Status" column to "Expired".
  • Save and publish the workflow.

Please note that these are general workflow steps, and you may need to adjust the logic based on your specific requirements

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