What did I do wrong?

I need a calculated column to return the following:

  • If [Status] equals "Pre-OPEN" then return [Date Opened]+3
  • If [Status] equals "OPEN" then return [Date Opened]+30
  • If [Status] equals "PENDING" then return [Date Opened]+30
  • If [Status] equals "REFERRAL" and [Dispo] equals "Active" then return [Date Opened] +5
  • If [Status] equals "Pre-OPEN" and [Dispo] equals "Active" then return [Date Opened]+3

    =IF([Status]="Pre-OPEN",[Date Opened]+3,IF([Status]="OPEN",[Date of Last ROI]+30,IF([Status]="PENDING",[Date of Last ROI]+30,IF(AND([Status]="REFERRAL",[Dispo]=”Active”,[Date Opened]+5,IF(AND([Status]="ONLY",[Dispo]=”Active”,[Date Opened]+10, "")))))

Any assistance is much appreciated.

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You are missing AND condition close and you need to close it with additional ) as the following


So the formula should be


IF([Status]="Pre-OPEN",[Date Opened]+3,

IF([Status]="OPEN",[Date of Last ROI]+30,

IF([Status]="PENDING",[Date of Last ROI]+30,

IF(AND([Status]="REFERRAL",[Dispo]="Active"),[Date Opened]+5,

IF(AND([Status]="ONLY",[Dispo]="Active"),[Date Opened]+10, "")))))

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