I have different subfolders in one folder on sharepoint. There 45k records distributed amongts these folders not in any order. We have applied a filter to categorize the files into diffeent categories. Some filters have lesser files (Around 700) and it is getting downloaded easily when i click on select all and download.

Noe the issue is with the filter with categories that have 10000 records or 8000 records. I am not being able to multi select and download these files. When selecting all and download, it is not doing anything.

How to download these files ?

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  1. You can use OneDrive sync app to sync files in entire folder. Sync SharePoint and Teams files with your computer
  2. You can try to get all the files by running the PowerShell code by following the article below. Reference:Download All Files From a SharePoint Library Programmatically using PowerShell

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