I'm not able to change the new item form for a list in SharePoint 2019, which is running with modern pages.

I've seen where designers/developers/admin click on the "+ New", have the "New item" pop-out appear from the right portion of the screen and are able to alter the fields they'd like to have appear at "New item" entry.

I do not see options to alter the "New item" pop out panel, even when logged in with increased permission (i.e.:Farm Admin, Site Collection admin, or Site admin).

The image below has been taken from a site where I'm logged in as site collection administrator:

enter image description here

I'm running SharePoint 2019 On-premises, Configuration database version: 16.0.10339.12102

If I've omitted any information you might find useful please ask.

Thanks for you help.


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This feature is available on SharePoint Online, but not available in SharePoint server 2019:

enter image description here

More information for your reference:


  • Thanks, Julie. Are creating classic SharePoint forms (i.e. with SP Designer) the recommended way to customize/create New Item, Edit Item, Display Item forms for Lists and Document Libraries with SP 2019 on prem?
    – Matt
    Jul 8, 2021 at 11:59

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