I have tried all solutions to overwrite the TmtTree class in the termstoremanager.css - to no avail (Can't overwrite that css right?). So I added the class to my core.css to overwrite the default black font color:

.TmtTree {
    font-size: 8pt;
    margin: auto;
    **color: #ffffff!important;**

But it's not working at all!

Our theme's background is dark - so termstore is using the default black font - which is not working on the dark background theme.

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Are you sure it isn't working? And by that I mean, I think it is probably doing what you're asking it to do, but not what you want it to do.

I'm using my browser debugger to look at the structure of the taxonomy picker and the .TmtTree is applied to the top level <ul>. If I change the color on that element in the debugger I don't notice any change. I think there are additional inheritances for the children elements of the list.

If I add a class definition like this which targets all children of the . .TmtTree I do see the change.

.TmtTree * {
   color: white!important;

Of course that might have some unintended consequences. So you might want to make something more targeted like .TmtTree>ul>li or something. Not sure exactly.

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