var currStatus = '';
var job = [...this.state.data];
return <div>
        job.length ?
                    Object.keys(job).forEach(jobTree) => {
                        job[jobTree].sortBy((leftItem, rightItem) => {
                            return leftItem.job.Title.localeCompare(rightItem.job.Title)

                        this.state.data[jobTree].forEach((row) => {
                            if(currStatus != row.status.Title) {
                                currStatus = row.status.Title;
                                <div> <h3>{currStatus}</h3></div>

I used sort() to sort job alphabetically.

But I am getting an error:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Job[jobTree].sort is not a function

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The sort() method in Typescript/Javascript is used to sorts an array alphabetically.

So, make sure you are calling this method on Array variable.

  1. TypeScript - Array sort()
  2. JavaScript Sorting Arrays

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