[context] I am working with sharepoint online, using modern views. i have a webpage with a document library attached.

[goal] I would like to prompt a user to fill out all required (meta)data about a document when they upload a document to the document library.

[faced issues] Many solutions I find online are either for older SP-versions or already outdated custom web parts. But without proper documentation (proper != microsoft documentation) about spfx I'm not getting much further by adjusting these webparts.

I'm open to any form of solution.

[if more info is required please do tell]


Yes this is missing from the modern experience, We have developed our own upload web part where we control the upload behavior

  • which fields are required
  • what type of files (.docx, .pdf) can be uploaded to library.

What you could do alternatively you could create an Flow that would prompt user to enter the missing metadata.

  • Thanks for replying! could you elaborate a bit on "you could create an Flow that would prompt user to enter the missing metadata." ? I do not understand how this could be done using Flow. – lemonardo13 Feb 5 '20 at 10:21
  • when item is created, or on a schedule basis you could iterate through items. Find the ones that are missing metadata and send an email to the creator of the item to update it. – Marek Sarad Feb 6 '20 at 9:45
  • this is a great idea, thanks for all your help! – lemonardo13 Feb 6 '20 at 15:55

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