I am doing a GET request to below URL from POSTMAN to get Folder details and files. But i am always getting 404 Not Found in POSTMAN. ANy suggestion if the URL is wrong.


Headers -

Accept -  application/json;odata=verbose
Authorization - Bearer + access_token

When i tried access the below URL i am able to access it and create files in it also.

URL i am able to access -


URL i am unable to access folders is -


What is the permission i am missing..

  • Please add headers you are using in your question. That will be helpful to answer your qustion maybe headers are causing this issue. – Ganesh Sanap Aug 5 '19 at 9:58
  • added the headers in question. – learningmode Aug 5 '19 at 10:05
  • i have updated my question with my few other findings.. – learningmode Aug 5 '19 at 11:04

In Your URL you have added Shared%20Documents after site URL, which is not required.

Try using below URL:

https://learningsfdc.sharepoint.com/sites/SidFirstSite/_api/web/GetFolderByServerRelativeUrl('/Shared Documents')


Working with folders and files with REST.

Also, you need to create the Site level app and add authorization to Postman. Check below article for this:

Access SharePoint Online using Postman.

  • I am getting..."Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource." – learningmode Aug 5 '19 at 11:07
  • Try updated URL from answer and also check the article given in reference section. – Ganesh Sanap Aug 5 '19 at 11:11
  • Have you registered Postman Authorization to SharePoint, here? – Ganesh Sanap Aug 5 '19 at 11:22
  • No i haven't registered for POSTMAN..but registered for Salesforce..still i am able to access and create files for learningsfdc.sharepoint.com/Shared%20Documents/Forms/… .. not for Sites... – learningmode Aug 5 '19 at 11:27
  • Try registering for postman as given in link and let me know if it works for you. – Ganesh Sanap Aug 5 '19 at 11:31

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