As I mentioned in my first question in this site (Access a document in SharePoint library from Azure functions), I am new in Microsoft's world. In this sense, I am going to work with SharePoint Online (and React + SharePoint Framework)

Even though I have been looking for documentation, I want to ask here if anyone can recommend me specific handbooks, YouTube channels - I already know about the SharePoint PnP Community, i.e or anything like that to improve my knowledge about these subjects.

That's all. Thank you so much!

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For SharePoint Framework, you can first check the official doc here. It will always be a good starting point. And you can check samples and tutorial here

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Find below references for learning Development using SharePoint Framework:

  1. Overview of the SharePoint Framework - Official documentation by Microsoft.
  2. SharePoint Developer Community - PnP - YouTube Channel
  3. SharePoint Framework Release Notes - GitHub
  4. SharePoint Framework WebPart Samples - GitHub
  5. SharePoint Framework Extension Samples - GitHub
  6. Visual Studio extension for SharePoint Framework projects
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