I am on SP Online environment and have seen 2 modes of people picker.

The first mode which seems to be the default OOTB(usually for newform.aspx) is to have the predictive text with auto suggestions.Refer to image below enter image description here

The second mode, which seems to be for backward compatibility is the one where the user field shows you buttons for verify and for the address book.This happens when i add the people picker column to a page/sitepage. Refer to image. enter image description here

Is there way to add the first mode(auto suggestion people picker) to a page/sitepage.

Please suggest. Thanks

  • I have had the same issue when I use custom Form for the list. Are you using Custom Form? Commented Jul 9, 2019 at 2:25

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You can use Angular.js and jQuery with REST call to auto complete people picker column.

More information, you can refer to:
Auto-Complete People Picker In SharePoint Using Angular And jQuery

Another blog for your reference:

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