We recently upgraded to SharePoint 2016 (way late). Before our upgrade, when we were in a list view, we used the Page ribbon to edit the page, then we would Edit Web Part, and in the resulting dialog, under the Advanced section, we would assign a target audience. This was how we accomplished view-level permissions in SharePoint 2013.

Now that we have upgraded to SharePoint 2016, when we are in a list view, we no longer have the Page ribbon. Is there some setting we have missed that would give us this ribbon back? Or has this feature been phased out?

After perusing web forums, it looks like I could create a new page, add a web part that links to a given list view, and then target the audience for that web part. However, I would rather not create what are essentially duplicate pages, if there is a way I can get that Page ribbon back on the original list view itself.

Thanks for your consideration.

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When you're on the page containing the List, you can go to the Gear icon in the upper right -> Edit Page. This will allow you to modify the page the List resides on.

  • Good lord that was easy :D Thank you! Mar 29, 2019 at 20:25

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