I want to know if a field is set to be shown in new form or not. so i run this power-shell script:-

PS C:\Windows\system32> $web = Get-SPWeb http://****/order/
PS C:\Windows\system32> $field = $web.Fields["Live Order"]
PS C:\Windows\system32> Write-Host  $field.ShowInNewForm

but i did not get any result..

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The SPField.ShowInNewForm is nullable property and is used to get or set a Boolean value that specify whether the field is displayed in the form that is used to create list items.

By default, the field will display in the form and the value is null.

You can output the $field and you will find the ShowInNewForm value.

Add-PSSnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershell
$web = Get-SPWeb http://****/order/
$field = $web.Fields["Live Order"]

enter image description here

If the value is null, it also means that the field is displayed in the form.

Learn more about:

SPField properties

SPField.ShowInNewForm property

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