We are migrating Global term store from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online. Can i get the scripts to export term store from SharePoint 2013 in a text file and then import that in SharePoint Online? We want to upload/download using CSOM script.


You can use PowerShell command to export the term store in SharePoint 2013 into CSV file, and then import to SharePont Online.

More information and PowerShell command check the article:

PowerShell for SharePoint 2013: Export TermSet to CSV

Migrate SharePoint 2010 Term Store to SharePoint Online with PowerShell


You can use PnP PowerShell to import/export Termsets.

The commands you need to use are:

To get the termsets, you need to import them using:

Export-PnPTaxonomy -Path c:\OnPremTermStore.txt -IncludeID

If you only want to import certain termsets, you can specify them using the termSetId parameter:

Export-PnPTaxonomy -Path c:\output.txt -TermSet f6f43025-7242-4f7a-b739-41fa32847254

To upload the terms, you can import them using:

Import-PnPTaxonomy -Path ./OnPremTermstore.txt

References - Import-PnPTaxonomy


  • I already tried with this PnP command but it is showing only few results and not exporting most of the term sets of global term store. – Adarsh Awasthi Jan 3 at 5:25

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