From our Sharepoint on premise server using a script I exported existing terms that also copies Guid for each term in LCID column of .csv file.

I'm trying to import term set to Sharepoint Online through a .csv file as available in sample format.

I was able to import Terms, but unique identifier (Guid) was not copied rather terms were assigned new guid. I want to keep Guid that was assigned to each term by Sharepoint on premise.

Is there a way to to import terms through .csv file but keep the Term Guid?

Edit: I just realized that setting Guid to LCID column does not make sense, but I'm still trying to find a way to import term including Guid.

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You can use PnP.PowerShell for exporting and importing taxonomies which will preserve Term IDs, TermSet IDs.

You can use Export-PnPTermGroupToXml command to export all the termsets from particular term group into XML file.

Then you can use same XML file as input for importing Terms to SharePoint Online using Import-PnPTermGroupFromXml command.

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