On my screen I have two fields called InspectionDueFreq and InspectionDueProb.

The former represents the frequency of inspections (in days). If, for example, a part is to be inspected every 30 days and it has been 31 days since the last inspection, then the field text is set to YES.

The latter represents a manual setting in a SP Online custom list. If a supplier has quality issues with their products, they are put on Probation by our quality lab and every shipment is inspected.

I have a label field which will serve as a visual flag. I want (I think) an IF statement that says: if either field is Yes, then set the flag text to "INSPECTION DUE NOW", otherwise set it to "No Inspection Needed". This will have conditional formatting in the Color parameter as well.

enter image description here

I've played with several attempts and searched for an example like this, but I'm not having any luck. Here is my current attempt:

If((InspectionDueFreq.Text Or InspectionDueProb.Text="YES"),"INSPECTION DUE NOW","No Inspection Needed")

The error I'm getting is "Invalid number of arguments: received 1, expecting 2 or more"

Am I on the right track using a compound IF formula, or should I be using a Switch formula?

Thanks, gpence

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OK, I discovered the paren issue. It should read:

If(((InspectionDueFreq.Text="YES") Or (InspectionDueProb.Text="YES")),"INSPECTION DUE NOW","No Inspection Needed")


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