I was wondering if anyone knew how to Hide the Default Title Column when you create a new List using the Powershell Sharepoint PNP Module.

I've been trying the following

    $field = get-pnpfield -Identity "Title" -List "Lists/Services" -Web /
    $field.Sealed = $false
    $field.Hidden = $true
    $field.Required = $false

However the Title Column is still present when I reload the list.

I can remove manually by going into each List, enabling Content Types; Then hiding the column and removing it from the list view. But I plan to move 20+ excel workbooks onto sharepoint and I don't want to do it manually for each sheet/list in the workbook.

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With PnP Powershell, after you have hidden the title field and executed $field.update(), you also have to execute

 $field.Context.ExecuteQuery()   or  Invoke-PnPQuery

This will push the updates to your field

  • Thanks, the Invoke-PnPQuery really helped.... the only issue is I can't tell what I changed because I was mucking around. Ended up changing/deleting the fields "Title" and "LinkTitle" as well as trying to adjust the View. Not sure which ones worked but its finally gone.
    – Shadowzee
    Oct 31, 2018 at 4:00

Run Set-PnPField

Set-PnPField -List '<listTitle>' -Identity '<ColumnName>' -Values @{Required=$false;Hidden=$true}

If the field is hidden, it will not display in the forms, so we don't need to set "SetShowInDisplayForm($false); SetShowInEditForm($false); SetShowInNewForm($false)".

PnP does not provide method to set field displayed in the list. As a workaround, create a new view and add fields using Add-PnPView, then remove the old view using Remove-PnPView.

If you don't want "Title" field any more, you can remove it from the list using Remove-PnPField.

Remove-PnPField -List "<list>" -Identity "Title"

Make sure you have Shell access role or you can add yourself as a shell admin .

ADD-SPSHellAdmin . It will ask for username ,enter your name .

After this you need to add PSSnapin.

Add-PSsnapin "Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell".

Only then will you be able to run Get-SPweb command. Try using below snippet:

$web = Get-SPWeb -Identity 
$List = $web.Lists['MyList']
$column = $List.Fields.GetFieldByInternalName('Title')
$column.Hidden = $true
$column.ShowInDisplayForm = $false
$column.ShowInViewForms = $false
$column.ShowInEditForm = $false
$column.ShowInListSettings = $false

# To delete the column, simply add the following row
  • How do I get access to the Get-SPWeb Command? I can't install Sharepoint-server module on my desktop and I was hoping to keep it purely within the sharepoint-pnp module.
    – Shadowzee
    Oct 31, 2018 at 2:45
  • For getting access to Get-SPweb two things that are necessary. One you should have shell access role on the database of the webapplication that you want to query using Get-SPweb. Second thing you will need to add PSSnapin like this. ADD-PSSnapin "Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell" . The code written by Ganesh above fails if you do not have this 2 things ticked. Oct 31, 2018 at 7:01

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