I tried this API url/_api/Web?$select=CustomMasterUrl, Master But it give me master page which are applied to classic view I want to know which master page is applied in modern view.

Eg. If I'm viewing site contents in modern view I want to know which master page is applied in the background because I want to make some changes

@mike Thank you for your valuy answer I have one doubt, Is it possible to make changes in the modern UI theme ? If yes how ? Ex- I want to change the default SharePoint favicon in browser tab.

My current scenario - Classic view shows favicon which I have changed in my custom master page which is my brand logo which is working fine. but if I exit classic view it change the favicon to SharePoint default favicon. Please help me out with some inputs sir.


The modern UI does not use ASP.NET style master pages. They use "themes". I don't think themes are exposed via the REST API. (I'll do some checking.)

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