I want to set default selected Item on people picker?

        inputProps={{ disabled: true }}
        getTextFromItem={(persona: IPersonaProps) => persona.primaryText}
        key={'normal'} />

How to use defaultSelectedItems --> https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/fabric#/components/peoplepicker ?

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I have found that earlier versions lacked the selected items property but the current version, 5.28.0, includes the selected items property and with that I was able to set the default select. I didn't have any luck getting the default selected items to work unless I had the value the first time the component was rendered. If I passed a default and then based off of SP REST calls changed the state the component would update. Here is an example of what I am now using that works.

<CompactPeoplePicker selectedItems={this.props.selectedItems} />

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