In our SharePoint Framework web parts we want to show people information just like SharePoint does:

live persona card

When hovering over the name or image of somebody a popup like this should open. Looking at the source this thing seems to go by the moniker "Live Persona Card":

live parsona card source code

Searching for LivePersonaCard yields few results. One is a blog post describing how to load and include this standard component via SPComponentLoader and some hard-coded IDs.

Since information is rare on this subject my question is: is this the way to go? Or is there an alternative component we should use, like from PnP oder Office UI Fabric (doesn't seem so)?



In my past projects, I have created my own persona card using the Office UI Fabric control: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/fabric-js/components/personacard/personacard

Unfortunately, it doesn't do the work for you -- you need to retrieve the data and populate the card.

I like the idea of a PnP control though... if you make the suggestion I'd be happy to volunteer to implement it.

I hope this helps?


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