I'm using Office UI Fabric React dropdown in my spfx webpart. I have added static options in that dropdown as below, but I want to bind options dynamically which i'm getting from REST api.

label="Select Location (Lookup)"
    { key: 'A', text: 'Option a' },
    { key: 'B', text: 'Option b' },
    { key: 'D', text: 'Option d' },
    { key: 'E', text: 'Option e' }                      

If I'm not wrong then we have to pass function in options parameter which will return data in that format. If any one know then please help.

Thank you.

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Init a property, which stores your options inside component's class:

private options: any[] = [];

Then load options dynamically (it depends on your application's logic), for example using async http function, you can init options in componentDidMount:

public async componentDidMount(): Promise<void> {
    this.categories = await SpService.getAllCategories();

    this.options = [];
    this.categories.forEach(c => {
        key: c.id,
        text: c.title

In render:


To make it work you should also trigger component re-render after async data is received. If you don't do it, then move options property to a state and call this.setState from componentDidMount method. That way you can initialize your options with some dynamic async data.

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    It works ! Thanks a lots Sergei for your quick help :-) Jan 27, 2019 at 14:32
  • It worked to me as well.
    – Swetha
    Nov 26, 2020 at 14:06

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