I want to use last version of Office-UI-React with SharePoint Framework v 1.4.0 with TypeScript Version 2.2.2.

When i install last version office-UI-React have following error:

enter image description here

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In the absence of an actual question, I assume your question is "how do I fix the error." I've tried upgrading office-ui-fabric-react (OUFR) independently of the Yeoman Generator and I believe it can be done, but I chose to abandon that route.

Microsoft states the following on this page:


With the current release of the SharePoint Framework, we recommend that you use the Office UI Fabric and Fabric React that ships with the generator. We do not recommend that you update the Office UI Fabric and Fabric React packages independently because that might conflict with the already available version in SharePoint, and as a result, your web part may fail to function as expected.

In my use case the benefits of new features in the latest OUFR package did not outweigh the cost of managing a unique/unsupported project dependency tree.

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