I'm looking for a way to generate a list of all site collections with their URLs, Titles and Descriptions. While I was googling it, I noticed that most of the scripts are using Get-SPWebApplication and Get-SPSite but the "Description" is attached to Get-SPWeb.

Is there a way to list them all at once?




Please try this:

 Get-SPSite -Limit All | Get-SPWeb -Limit All | Select-Object -Property Title, Url, Description

If you need to know urls of root webs only you can use following code:

Get-SPSite -Limit All | Get-SPWeb -Limit All | Where { $_.IsRootWeb } | Select-Object -Property Title, Url, Description
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  • Default scope for Get-SPSite is farm scope, so it should return all site collections within your farm – rafter13 Aug 30 '17 at 11:30

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