My requirement is to maintain a flag value (eg., 1. whether logged in user subscribed or not 2.whether logged in user voted or not 3. etc.,) for each users in our org, so I planned to make use of SiteUserInfoList, having separate column for each flags.
Can anyone help on creating (using CSOM/JSOM) custom column on SiteUserInfoList in SharePoint online and accessing the same using CSOM/JSOM? Alternate for using SiteUserInfoList also fine.

Appreciate your help in advance.

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Yes, you can add a column in SiteUserInfoList but the best practice will be using a separate list for managing these types of information.

Tips: Using REST API


{your site}/_api/web/SiteUserInfoList/Fields

Request Body

  "__metadata": {
    "type": "SP.Field"
  "Title": "Is Subscribed", //Your field name
  "FieldTypeKind": 8, // For boolean it is 8
  "TypeAsString": "Boolean",
  "TypeDisplayName": "Yes/No"

Make a POST request to the above endpoint. You can use my tool to do this.

enter image description here

Get All users from SiteUserInfoList

{your site url}/_api/web/SiteUserInfoList/Items

Make a GET request to the above endpoint.


You probably can - but you should not modify SiteUserInfoList.
What you should do - if this is a setting that is needed across all users - is to add a new property to the user-profile.

  • Thank you. This is for specific site collection, I decided not to change at User Profile. Finally decided to put it in separate list.!!
    – Srini K
    Aug 4, 2017 at 14:53

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