I am trying to create a SPFx webpart and use a jQuery plugin. Below are the steps I followed.

  1. Created a SPFx solution using yo
  2. Installed jQuery through NPM
  3. Installed jQuery.payment (plugin) through NPM
  4. Updated them as external dependencies

      "externals": {
  5. Used the following import statement in my webpart file

    import * as $ from 'jquery';    import 'jquery.payment';
  6. Tired to call the plugin method

  7. Run gulp serve

  8. Open in local workbench (Works as expected)

  9. Open in SharePoint workbench (https:///_layouts/15/workbench.aspx). Throws the following error

Error: ***Failed to load path dependency "0d6d6e17-e715-4f63-8e52-f3e5b69c8089" from component "DemoWebPart" (Error loading https://component-id.invalid/0d6d6e17-e715-4f63-8e52-f3e5b69c8089_0.0.1/jquery.payment Evaluating https://localhost:4321/node_modules/jquery.payment/lib/jquery.payment.min.js jquery is not defined). Original error: {3}

I have followed this thread from github https://github.com/SharePoint/sp-dev-docs/issues/336, where the issues was on local workbench. However, this is not working for me on SharePoint workbench and working fine on my local workbench.

Following are the npm module versions I am usingnpm module versions

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I saw that the global variable where jQuery is stored is 'jQuery' and not 'jquery' (notice the capitalization). When trying to access 'jquery' in the browser console I get the same error.

Just change the globalName to "jQuery" and it should work properly.

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