I am getting an error when running my spfx webpart with a picker picker control. When I do gulp server I get the error


Cannot find module 'ControlStrings'

I have googled this and have added ControlStrings: "node_modules/@pnp/spfx-controls-react/lib/loc/{locale}.js" to config.json file but get the same error.

Full error as follows:

Error: Cannot find module 'ControlStrings' at webpackMissingModule (https://localhost:4321/dist/pn-pjs-example-web-part.js:113406:45) at ql+0 (https://localhost:4321/dist/pn-pjs-example-web-part.js:113406:134) at webpack_require (https://localhost:4321/dist/pn-pjs-example-web-part.js:20:30) at Module.ZFCQ (https://localhost:4321/dist/pn-pjs-example-web-part.js:75176:120) at webpack_require (https://localhost:4321/dist/pn-pjs-example-web-part.js:20:30) at /4uW (https://localhost:4321/dist/pn-pjs-example-web-part.js:1674:108) at webpack_require (https://localhost:4321/dist/pn-pjs-example-web-part.js:20:30) at 891W (https://localhost:4321/dist/pn-pjs-example-web-part.js:19804:82) at webpack_require (https://localhost:4321/dist/pn-pjs-example-web-part.js:20:30) at https://localhost:4321/dist/pn-pjs-example-web-part.js:84:18

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I solved this by uninstalling and reinstalling pnpjs react controls.

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