I think it started with @microsoft/[email protected]:
With Docker on Windows, we used to apply this workaround in SPWebBuildRig.js to load the resources correctly in the local workbench.
But SPWebBuildRig.js changed significantly and I couldn't find how to apply the workaround anymore.

Now, to get back to a working state, I need to find a way to set internalModuleBaseUrls in manifests.js to "https://localhost:4321/dist/" (instead of "").
I did a few (unsuccessful) tests:
In node_modules/@microsoft_sp-webpart-workbench/local-workbench/manifests.js, I tried to replace this:

manifest.loaderConfig.internalModuleBaseUrls = [manifestsFileUrl];

by this:

manifest.loaderConfig.internalModuleBaseUrls = ["https://localhost:4321/dist/"];

But sadly it has no effect.
I just found that this issue has been reported in https://github.com/SharePoint/sp-dev-docs/issues/7076 (no solution so far)

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I just updated the issue you referenced. If you happen to still be using the local workbench with SPFx 1.12.1, you can resolve this by updating line 376 of node_modules/@microsoft/spfx-heft-plugins/lib/plugins/webpackConfigurationPlugin/WebpackConfigurationGenerator.js to the following:

const debugBaseUrl = `${serveConfig.https ? 'https' : 'http'}://localhost:${serveConfig.port || 4321}/dist/`;
  • Worth noting the file location is still correct, but in the latest version of this plugin it's line 393, you can find the proper line by searching on "debugBaseUrl"
    – Jane Panda
    Jan 26, 2022 at 22:14

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