I want to edit ItemStyle to make some changes but the problem is that i cannot see it, I don't know whether it is hidden or unable to edit.

I am pretty sure that ItemsStyle could be found at Style Library but it's now shown in it as shown in this image:

enter image description here

But I cannot find it. Please help me!

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    make sure your site is a publishing site and you already opened the root site, not the subsite – Mohamed El-Qassas MVP May 11 '17 at 20:28

Yes, you are right, the ItemStyle is located in Style Library at the Root site collection. but you should be aware of

  1. The ItemStyle is located at the top level site collection (not subsite) specifically at Style Library > XSL Style Sheets. So make sure that the current site that you have already opened via SharePoint Designer is the Root site, not a subsite.

  2. The ItemStyle is related to Content Query web part that requires Publishing site template to use it.

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