HI what are the main improvements related to document management,record management and database enhancements in SharePoint 2016 comparing to SharePoint 2013 & 2010.


There exists some feature comparisons, but none that apply exclusively for document management features. Therefore here is a summary of them.

Document View Threshold changes

Prior to 2016, a Document Library would have a limited view for 5000 items. This design practice still exists, but 2016 adds an automatic creation of Indexed Columns which prevents possible documents becoming inaccessible. All in all, the end-users shouldn't need to worry about this design rule anymore.

Increased file-size limit on uploads

Documented to be limitless, Microsoft's suggestion is to have files with a file-size of maximum 10 Gb uploaded due to possible performance issues.

Improved mobile access views

The new mobile access views support touch-screen document management.

Durable links

If a document's name changes, it can still be accessed by using the same durable link, assuming you have Office Web Apps with your installation.

Keyboard shortcuts for documents

  • Alt+N = New
  • Alt+E = Edit
  • Alt+U = Upload
  • etc.

Added announcements and callouts when working with documents

E.g. in document upload process.

Expanded support for special characters in file names

SharePoint has historically blocked file names that included the &, ~, {, and } characters, file names that contained a GUID, file names with leading dots, and file names longer than 128 characters. These restrictions are removed in SharePoint Server 2016 and are now available to use.

Restricted characters such as % and # are still not allowed in file names.

Previews for media content

Images and videos can be previewed by hovering over the file in a Document library

Support for open-office file formats

ODF formats allow non-Ms products to be used when working with documents.


  • I've excluded e.g. search improvement changes, as they apply for O365, and not for SharePoint on-premise
  • Also excluded OneDrive-specific changes, such as an added feature for deletion policy and folder-view improvements


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