I want to make sure what ever I do on my screen renders correctly for others i.e. my screen is 23inch 1080p want make sure anyone who uses 27in 1440p or 4 etc the page renders correctly. Is there way to page rendering according to screen sizes.

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Yes for sure, this is a common requirement of responsive styling. You should be using media queries in your stylesheet to detect different resolutions / devices. Here is how you would load a specific style sheet based on the user's resolution.

<!-- CSS media query on a link element -->
<link rel="stylesheet" media="(max-width: 800px)" href="example.css" />

<!-- CSS media query within a stylesheet -->
@media (max-width: 600px) {
  .facet_sidebar {
    display: none;



The above description meant the Responsive Design.

There is a good video in Chanel 9 that Learn how to build a fast, responsive SharePoint portal in SharePoint Online

Meanwhile, you can enable Modern site that provides you responsive experience for more details check Customizing the "modern" experiences in SharePoint Online

Also, there is a Responsive UI package that can be installed to make SharePoint Online responsive. at

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