I've done some research and I know it's possible to create a Word document out of data from an item in a list.

So, before asking the question, I'll describe de scenario. Every month departments A, B and C needs to generate a report that will be used to make an executive summary, the problem is that these reports are not standardized -no matter how many times department A, B and C has been told to use a standardized template-.

The idea that comes to mind, is to create a list so that users are forced to input the data in a form.


Item, Year, Month, Department, NoteX, NoteY, NoteZ

1, 2016, 12, A, Notes, Notes, Notes

2, 2016, 12, B, Notes, Notes, Notes

Is it possible that I can generate a word document of this sort by using the data available?

Year 2016, Month 12.

Department A:

  • notes
  • notes
  • notes

Department B:

  • notes
  • notes
  • notes

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What you want to do is called a mail merge. There are several ways to do this. Two examples are the following.

You can use SharePoint Designer to solve the problem.

Automatically create Word documents which include list fields


Use an Add-In

SharePoint Document Merge (List Data to Templates)

  • Thank you for the reply, I haven't said anything yet cause I need a more in depth look but the first link at least I've already seen and it only works for a single item initially.
    – Yugo
    Dec 9, 2016 at 20:40
  • The problem is that you are using SharePoint online, so you can't use a custom coded solution, which would be ideal for this type of need.
    – jpollar
    Dec 9, 2016 at 20:49

So after a while of looking into this, I ended up exporting the information from the list into an Excel file (Default), by using formulas (Fill month and year for the report) I would populate sections out of the connection from Sharepoint and then copy/paste it to a Word Document.

Yes I know, it's not automated creation of reports into a word file, but it definitely did the trick using OOTB functionality.

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