I'm aware of how to include Document properties in a word template. What I'd like to achieve in addition to this, is data from another list (1 to many relationship) in a repeating section.

For example... I have a document library "Person" with columns for Name and Date of Birth. In a separate list, I have columns for Name (same as Name in Person library), Favourite Activity and Description. In template for the "Person" library, I'd like to insert their name, date of birth, and a paragraph for each of their favourite activities.

Is this doable?

As a workaround I've tried using a SPD2013 workflow to concatenate the values from the list and insert them to a single column in the People library, without much joy.

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It is not doable out of the box. We done something similar at my current job and to do that you need to develop custom office add-in. Add-in was querying Sharepoint list and populate the document using the rich text from list.

  • Thanks for the advice Marek! I guess I'll start on my custom Add-In
    – DylanB
    Oct 24, 2018 at 13:28

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