I have a calculated field containing "RemainingWork". The calculation in this field is based on two other fields, "Estimate" and "RegisteredHours".

If "RemainingWork" has not been set, it's supposed to calculate its value from "Estimate" - "RegistereHours", if any.

I'm a SharePoint newbie so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Below is what I've tried, but it fails horribly.


Any hints appreciated!


Syntax is:

 =IF( condition , TRUE , FALSE )

So your Formula should be:

 =IF( ISBLANK([RemainingWork]) , [Estimate]-[RegisteredHours] , "" )

Since there are no spaces in the names you can also write:

 =IF( ISBLANK(RemainingWork) , Estimate-RegisteredHours , "" )

On a non-english locale it could be you need ; (semi-colons) (like Excel)

 =IF( ISBLANK(RemainingWork) ; Estimate-RegisteredHours ; "" )

Documentation and examples of all SharePoint Functions:


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  • Thanks for the input and thanks for the link! That's sure to be useful. – Khaine775 Jul 14 '16 at 9:24

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