I have taken calculated field as a data field number for adding weekdays excluding saturday and sunday.

It is working good. But the problem is in SharePoint Designer I have triggered action send an email there I have to send to the employee after submitting request. The error is

while triggering No. of days is coming like thet float # how to remove that? enter image description here But in Return field as it is taking default as a String ? How to enable that? Can any one explain this issue? enter image description here

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    Try creating workflow variable return field as number. and than instead of calling calling calculated field in mail body, call workflow variable. – Danilo Mar 2 '16 at 14:20

It's SharePoint's CAML queries' way of working with calculated fields. This problem is described in https://deannaschneider.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/associated-calculated-columns-in-reusable-workflows-sp2010/ and "float;#22.0000000000000" Number Returned From CAML Query

The straightforward workaround is to re-implement same calculations in the workflow once again.

Or you can create a workflow variable tempVar and set it's value to CurrentItem:No. of Days (as string), then use some Utility actions to get that 22 out of the string. Something like Extract Substring of String from Index with Length with args of tempVar, 7 and (the position of . char minus 7) will work. To find the position of ., use Find Substring in String. This will cut out 22 (basically, all chars between # and .) and put it in tempVar, so you can use it in emails.

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